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Company Profile
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3PL,  US Customs Clearance,   Freight Forwarding Services,   Warehouse Services,   Duty Drawback
Tel : 516  632-8941
Tel : 516  632-8941
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Fax : 516  214-8097
Import & Transportation Solution
Knowledge is Power
How often do you spend a significant portion of your day chasing your broker,
chasing your forwarder to get them to do their job. Many importers often voice
this concern. Importers should spend no time - ensuring services provides do
their job.

CHB,  be assured this will not be your logistics protocol.

               When others promise - William J. Piontek, CHB delivers
          a complete Logistics Solution for your business process
with the services and support the transportation community expects.

WILLIAM J PIONTEK, CHB , headquartered in Oceanside New York, has been
built on a solid foundation developed on a cornerstone of high technology,
systems automation / systems integration, with more than twenty years
experience. William J. Piontek,
CHB personnel have been on the forefront and
continue to be a leader in the industry of systems design, transportation
software architect and client system to system interface and implementation in
the brokerage, transportation, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution

The personnel of WILLIAM J PIONTEK,
CHB , recognized the many advantages of
developing customized solutions to track the clients data in a real-time system
environment.  As a result of responding to a direct need and understanding the
numerous advantages clients gain with this solution, we developed the "WJP -

Using the latest in high speed global communications and technology "WJP -
FREIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" enables customers to monitor their
shipments, their assets, from virtually anywhere in the world via the internet and
report status features as a priceless management tool.

Using real time EDI / systems interface status checks, live updates, partner
interface performance monitoring, in addition to a wide range of other
customizable features, WILLIAM J PIONTEK,
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" is able to help its clients reduce their customer's
inquiries, increase productivity, meet growing federal and state regulatory
compliance requirements and –ultimately– improve all partners and links in the
entire supply chain.

Identifying the weak links in your supply chain is vital in your transportation world
today. Whether you require international carrier performance reports, trading
partner C-TPAT certification assistance, air cargo security, A to Z cargo
monitoring, container security, real time tracking, or need to develop an internal
US Customs & Border Protection Compliance procedure, have all your trading
partners on board and in full compliance to the Department of Homeland
Security and green lane requirements, WILLIAM J PIONTEK,
CHB , "WJP -
FREIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" and "WJP Consulting Services" provide a
wide array of robust characteristics offering you, the customer a competitive
market advantage. William J. Piontek,
CHB does this through designing a precise
program to conform to your individual business needs. At William J. Piontek,
every importer is different, and has different needs - and will not try to fit you in
a one-size-fits-all program. Program specificationsa are build to fit your exact
business needs. Giving you the ability to monitor the integrity of critical
transportation milestone data conditions, providing you the information to make
an educated logistics decision, before a critical event may occur.

CHB , will bring your company's logistics program far
beyond your expectations.